Sunday, August 9, 2009

serious confusion

i am in aligarh and am finding it really difficult to the set up that i am in, these days. i am not a student of any university , though i am trying to get admission in a few of the reputed ones. my tension will only subside if that happens at the earliest. otherwise i am destined to indulge in useless pursuitsa like these, spending time on the net ande reading the fucking literature, literally.
besides, i would like to go on na vacation, which is in my mind for a couple of weks now, but that simply does not materialise, largely because of the apprehensions due to the coming independence day.

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i am from South Kashmir in IOK. Had my MA from KU and am presently doing my M-Phil from HCU. i have one significant problem: people consider me a bore...i guess i am not very friendly to strangers...