Thursday, February 24, 2011

an unlikely inspiration!

so many people meet you in your life who invariably get either into your good books or the bad ones. some act as your inspiration, some act as your friends, some as your well-wishers and there are others who put on different faces on them and it becomes difficult for us to fathom what sort of a position that person actually has in your life. some are out and out your foes and i have little experience of such persons- which begets me to stop blabbering about them as i may find my foot in the wrong mouth. among all my acquaintances, i like those who inspire me to do better in life. usually such persons are close to me; but there are some who i dont know much about, but still adore and respect them for the little things of affection, friendship, gratitude or plain acquaintance that they have showered upon me at different points of time in my life.below i will write down a small writeup which i have written in memory of one such person, whom i hardly know. but a few times i have met her, i have felt something strange towards her. for obvious reasons, i could not like to give away her name; but those smart folks out there who know both of us, may guess from this poetic writeup itself who i am talking about...if she herself finds it out, i hope thiss doesn't embarass or hurt her...
(rejoinder:the jest of theis poem has nothing to do with her; it is all hypothetical)

You were sceptical about me
And had written me off early!
'Got nothing to share with the world
Yearning, still, to attain fame'
As a considerate, acquising fellow
Something made me believe in you-
Except that i followed you blindly-
Noticing such a rection from me
In a flash you changed your stance...

"Born we are with similar features
A brain, two hands, and two legs
Raising the bar above a few notchs
Except the use of brain is but none;
Take my word, go fight for your ideals
House a loving heart to back them up..."

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