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Friday, June 20, 2008


so,after all the crap about the beloved enchantress and my cow,let's talk something about my own self. today, when a friend of mine complemented me on being unusually joyous and vibrant,i felt like a person lost in the desert of indecisiveness,tension,ignominy,self-doubt and perplexion. it is because on the one hand i can say that he was right when he assessed me like this. but on the other hand i don't follow a consious decision to appear as a distressed and a perplexed guy. i have always tried to develop such a repo in my friend circle that i be considered as a jollygood fellow. furthermore, i have not let down my friends on this count as a good brass of majority will testify to the fact that i am a very happy person at heart. so,coming back to the 'friend' who teased me for being unusually happy today, could i declare that he may not be worth considered as a friend. this is because a person who doesn't know why another one is looking a bit out of this world on a partricular day--not to speak of trying to end the misery of the friend or the cause of the misery- hasn't got the right to call himself a friend of that person.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


there have not been many instances which i would remember feverishly in my life. i only remember a few incidents and instances, the memory of whose continue to haunt me to this day. one such instance i today remembered while i was in conversation with a friend refers to our cow of some eight or so years.
though she has got a squint,she is nevertheless a pretty living being to spend time with. once i am with her she makes me do a lot of hard caresses on her neck and the top of the head. before we got her,some eight years back,i used to think that cattle are a type of animals who do not understand human beings. but she changed my percepsion towards her species. now the incident i was refering to was the one when i observed that even the cattle can tease and play taunts with the human beings. i was that time in a hurry but knew that she was in a need of a serious caress.i patted her a little on the head and obliged myself to go soon, thus neglecting her need. while i stepped to go back she pushed her tail so fiercely in my eye that i was left aggravate the situation further she put her head between her legs when i looked back at her with reproach.her meek position rendered me helpless and i had no alternative but to see of her need that time. So, this was the incident which i remembered of late when a friend of mine teased another one for his lack of understanding and metaphorically calling him a dumb, meek cow. i then remembered my cow with a certain laugh and asked the accused friend that our cow, perhaps was a lot smarter.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


i am beginning to enjoy blogging as well as the pictures of my enchantig flame.last night i had a good night's sleep with her pictures. blogging can be a passion if one has got the time at his hands. i recently discovered that it will be pertinent and feasible to have a good rapport with her friends so that i may have free access to her whenever i may wish to. i am going to change the topic soon and about my other friends lest you will get an idea that it is only one person that is having me caught in her web.

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