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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


there have not been many instances which i would remember feverishly in my life. i only remember a few incidents and instances, the memory of whose continue to haunt me to this day. one such instance i today remembered while i was in conversation with a friend refers to our cow of some eight or so years.
though she has got a squint,she is nevertheless a pretty living being to spend time with. once i am with her she makes me do a lot of hard caresses on her neck and the top of the head. before we got her,some eight years back,i used to think that cattle are a type of animals who do not understand human beings. but she changed my percepsion towards her species. now the incident i was refering to was the one when i observed that even the cattle can tease and play taunts with the human beings. i was that time in a hurry but knew that she was in a need of a serious caress.i patted her a little on the head and obliged myself to go soon, thus neglecting her need. while i stepped to go back she pushed her tail so fiercely in my eye that i was left aggravate the situation further she put her head between her legs when i looked back at her with reproach.her meek position rendered me helpless and i had no alternative but to see of her need that time. So, this was the incident which i remembered of late when a friend of mine teased another one for his lack of understanding and metaphorically calling him a dumb, meek cow. i then remembered my cow with a certain laugh and asked the accused friend that our cow, perhaps was a lot smarter.

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