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Friday, June 20, 2008


so,after all the crap about the beloved enchantress and my cow,let's talk something about my own self. today, when a friend of mine complemented me on being unusually joyous and vibrant,i felt like a person lost in the desert of indecisiveness,tension,ignominy,self-doubt and perplexion. it is because on the one hand i can say that he was right when he assessed me like this. but on the other hand i don't follow a consious decision to appear as a distressed and a perplexed guy. i have always tried to develop such a repo in my friend circle that i be considered as a jollygood fellow. furthermore, i have not let down my friends on this count as a good brass of majority will testify to the fact that i am a very happy person at heart. so,coming back to the 'friend' who teased me for being unusually happy today, could i declare that he may not be worth considered as a friend. this is because a person who doesn't know why another one is looking a bit out of this world on a partricular day--not to speak of trying to end the misery of the friend or the cause of the misery- hasn't got the right to call himself a friend of that person.

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