Wednesday, July 2, 2008


i find it very difficult to manage these very days.the reason seems to be some family problems that do not demand to be posted on net.i will rather give an idea about my psyche so that you will understand what disturbances, usually , irritate me and what remedy i try to figure out for them.i like to pull down my nose wherever it seems to comfort it is imperative to think that i will be bound to use my services even if they are not needed there. wherever there is any problem with my surroundings i try to go after it with my heart and soul; as i am always of the impression that there is only myself left in the world who could solve that problem.and in the process i have many a time wrought misery and uneasiness upon myself.i would have been nonetheless happy with my approach towards people as well as the world,only and only if there would have been any successes written to my name. but unfortunately, in trying to help people i have only stumbled more and able to find out a solution for their problems only rarely.but that has not stopped me from going after other people's problems,not to speak of the problems of my own siblings and relatives. In order to increase my proficiency in solving other people's problems or trying to help others,i am desperately in need of a charismatic and a dynamic friend. a friend,i believe, can do wonders towards your approach to the whole world.

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i am from South Kashmir in IOK. Had my MA from KU and am presently doing my M-Phil from HCU. i have one significant problem: people consider me a bore...i guess i am not very friendly to strangers...