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Monday, July 28, 2008

over stressed

My mind will burst someday. but i know how to cope as well. i only need your good wishes. yesterday i was made to go midway of writing my blog when Parvaiz-chem, called me. and my blog was left incomplete. someone has to make me remember what i was writing about yesterday. Obiously it was about you--Fayaz. i will be writing for you for some time now. Yes, now i remember. i wrote about going by your gut feeling and using your strong points to defend yourself and project yourself in a dignified way. never underestimate yourself as you have got a lot of inherent capabilities that a majority of your counterparts lack. also never shy away from your responsibilities and opportunities. grab every opportunity that comes your way in order to increase your prestige and aura among the students and order to learn a thing never shy away from it--even if you have to strangle a few of your not-so-neccessary ideals and principles. have a good rapport with the girl folk as segregation will lead to raised-eyebrows. i know you will balance this well and will not be distracted a bit by them in the process.May God will help you in this endeavour-to come out clean from the den of bikini-clad girls and that successfuly. i want to write a lot but will now stop to know your reaction to my blogs. only after that will i continue my blogs and this fictitious-cum-advisory series regarding your stay in delhi...................aaaaaaaaaakkkkk.

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