Monday, July 14, 2008


so this is all over. today it was the day of JNU results and i am not selected. but why do i give a damn about the fact that i haven't been able to pass this exam.? i was not serious in the first place when i applied for the PG course in the same subject in which i am doing my present PG from the KU. from the time of filling up the form to the time of going for the exam. i had lost further zeal to give a serious thiught about this exam. i played with the paper and was very happy throughout. A friend of mine was also giving this exam and he has been selected. but i know for sure that with all his enthusiasm he could not be able to go for this course in this most reputed institute of the country-- due to so many reasons. ideally i would not have given a thought about being a little bit disapointed if and ever i was not going to pass this exam. but the selection of my buddy made myself aware of something grave lacking in me-- which i need to find out and get myself benefitted from that in future.i know for sure that it is in me to pass such an exam. so why not push myself to some more limit in the future and reap the benefits of hardworkn? let the people talk as they would like to till then. i will always have the instant reply to their taunts--in the form of uselessness to have passed this exam. at a time when it was not needed by us!!!!!!!!! But in everybody's life there is a person whose views, comments and criticism about us are valuable--and may be killing at times. i hope the one in my life may not be harsher upon myself on this occasion. because that really disapoints......nah???

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