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Friday, July 4, 2008


why do we miss a person or a thing when it is not before our eyes or within our reach?you may most certainly say that it is the human instinct to do so and that all of us have got emotions and sensibilities, that we attach to different perssons,and in the process miss them when do not come to our rescue during our hard times. but i differ from such a view and would like to declare that it the weakness of we humans that makes us suffer during a friend's absence and thus makes us dependent on others for our may say that this is going a bit too far on my part and that we humans have to develop such relations from time to time and that it is the only way through which society goes on dramatically;otherwise there will be chaos and disorder all around.I may like to say something for this but can't at this moment.i have got a lot of tensions to face in the coming weeks-notable among them being that of exam which is to start soon-and thus will have to take a long break from is because i usually read during the exam days only,so the high stress levels are to be confronted now. the original question that i set out to answer at the start of this blog -that why does anybody miss somebody else- was because i am myself going to miss my classes now that we have got a 25 days preparatory leave for the many of my friends or just colleagues with whom i have developed a certain repertoire of listening to their pranks and sily doings,are going to be absent from the scene for this period.

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