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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I want to tell the whole world that i am not a weak person. if a friend of mine is going to remain away from me for a pretty long period of time, i will not be complaining. today-fayaz-after going through tiring and streneous few days left for New Delhi and now is going to remain away for a pretty long period of time. i wish him all the very best in the city of Dilwalaz. as the exams are approaching i may not be able to write that occasionally as i used to write. but i will try my best to convey everything that i feel close towards;across the vast web service that i have availed of in the form of blogging. the one thing that i want my readers to know is that i write blogs essentially for myself. but i will not rule out the possibility of writing them for my friends and foes alike:the idea being whosoever will be able to strike my heart or mind, firstly..................

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