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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

bolt from D BLUE

I may have sounded quite optimistic yesterday when i drooled over the possibilities of a happy and delightful union with my friend sometime next year-- when i thought both of us will be able to join the Reputed varsity next year. but today i am one of the most disspirited, disapointed, disgusted and perplexed of all the known human beings to me. the reason being that a dear--I hope i will not be loathing him or his decisions anytime, anywhere--friend of mine has decided to join JNU this year and make all of us--a full department of about two hundred souls--suffer and miss him a lot. i know that everybody around will cope with the passage of time. but the same is not the case with myself. i shall have to face this disaster of not being able to make it to the selected candidates of JNU's history batch for this current year. i accept till tommorow--when i didn't know whether my buddy was going to join the varsity or not--i was not feeling the same thing. but his decision made all the difference. that is not to say that i wished that he should not go there. on the contrary, when i saw his enthusiasm, i prodded him to go as this was a golden chance and ought not be missed. so many are happy with him and so many of the others have cogratulated him on this dubious distinction of getting the admission to this reputed varsity. i-- on my part may not have congratulated him in the earliest--wish him a very fruitful stay at Delhi. May God save him from all those things which he considers 'bad' and give him in abundance all those things which he considers as 'good'. I again pray to God that to make me join him next year in a happy reunion.

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