Monday, July 28, 2008


I am doomed to fail if i continue this way. today it was my first paper in the ongoing exams and i don't feel i am feeling sorry to say that i have not done well in the exam. as i didn't try my best for the exam, may be that was a reason for this poor performance. but that is no excuse which will save me before a normal human being who neither knows my intuition nor my dullness; according to my own self these are two hallmarks of mine which carry me forward. actually the problem with me is that i don't know what my goal is. i think of a thousand different things during the course of a day- not to speak of any long term plans- which lure me towards themselves. i wish somebody out there in the vast world of web, gives me a sincere opinion about my goals and plans for the future-----but yes that excludes the ever ready-for-advice friend of mine---FAYAZ. this is because i know what he is going to say for my problem. As for Fayaz, he has got loads of advice from me in my other blogs.

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