Saturday, August 9, 2008

don't worry

when a person is asking for help and finds all his friends giving advice about keeping calm and steady,then there is a matter of utmost importance that needs to be carefully tackled. can there be anyone who understands the heart of a person so that he may be able to help him. not many, i suppose. but the others need to be made aware of our inner feelings so that they will think of lending a helping hand in matters of grave concern and misery. that is where friends are tested upon. the earlier category-who are the ones providing a helping hand without been asked for- are probably those ones who will be classified beyond friends............................................................I normally would not bore you by such philosophical stuff that does not reveal much and makes one think haphazardly here and there. so i promise that such stuff will remain little and only occasional. actually i am going through a very tense period these very days due to exam, family and above all this KLR problem of our's--which takes a lot of our mind from our exams. so once these three problems regarding myself are resolved to the best of my satisfaction , i will be writing a lot funnier stuff for everybody's entertainment and timepass.

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