Tuesday, March 1, 2011

search for a traveller!!!

my biggest inspiration so far in my life was a person of the opposite sex at the university. owing to a number of reasons i could not open my heart out to her and in the process lost out a potential friend, not to speak of a better-half. because that was never on my mind. in the last four months, i have written the maximum number of writeups owing to her influence and inspiration drawn from her. i am indebtd to her for a number of reasons. with the passage of time i may be writing about her many more times to come...here i would write a few lines that i had scribbled on my personal diary a while back...

In the green, charming valleys
Overlooking blue, clear waters,
Sans choas, and sans sorrow
I stood transfixed, with no fetters.
She remained by my side
All through my delusions
I could not fathom how to end
All my unseen, illusions.
That was long ago, before
I used to be a scribbler;
But still could not understand
Who was then, my benefactor.
The serene and pure, and pristine
Valleys and rivers, and hills;
Or the demure beauty by my side
Who occasionaly gave me thrills.
I slowly cosied up to former
Took from it, and gave it all
But the latter was not being easy
Her brain big! her heart so small!
So i continued listening to her,
Did all that she called out for.
But i distanced myself, thence
When she herself, went afar...
I was just a phase in her life
A traveller, with whom she talked a little;
But by then, she became my life,
A traveller, who could have never left me idle!!!

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