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Monday, April 18, 2011

kissing mud!!!

this one i would like to think as if it happened the way it may seem to you....
Kissing mud
Finding my feet in the sticky mud
I tried to come out, but fell with a thud
Down I went, with mud all over me
A little of it I tasted, how sour it be!
Someone was observing the show nearby
And her loud laughter made me sigh.
I gazed in her direction, giving a cold stare
But her look made me weak, and I couldn’t dare
To admonish her for that fiendish delight
With my quandary, mud all over my height
I got up confused, and walked towards her
She stopped laughing, in that moments’ spur
I myself, now, had a laugh at my mud-fate
And she pleaded sorry for laughing at my state.
I replied I was okay, but that she had to pay
The price for her behavior in such a way.
She got on edge, and feared the worst
I reveled at her state, till I happily burst
In another round of a restrained, merry laugh
Still in fear and worry, being only five and a half
It was now my turn, humbly, to say sorry
And I politely implored of her not to worry.
I requested, to pour some water over my body;
So that I would cease to look so shoddy
And people won’t find excuses, and be bound,
To go on a laughing spree and fart around.
She gleefully heeded to my timely request
And even rinsed my back, not at my behest.
I thanked her profusely for the help rendered
And we exchanged names, well tendered.
She ended up as my best friend, selflessly helpful;
As we laughed at each other, without being pitiful.
The incident made me nonetheless wiser:
In a hearty, meaningful laugh, don’t be a miser.

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