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Saturday, April 23, 2011

nocturnal musings...

this i wrote quit a while back...


I was dreaming of a calm wilderness
And thought of visiting an enchanting place
Somewhere in the lush green forests of Australia
And sleep for eternity, in its embrace.

I set forth on the journey in the broad daylight
But reached there in the dead of the night
And I could not find a place where to lie down
So I came back to the lonely, prickly, homely sight.

I wished a sweet sleep to occupy me-
After this hackneyed journey to Australia-
And wanted to get up fresh in the morn
Intact, and with all my paraphernalia.

But could I wonder what happened next!
A thousand times my sleep got disturbed
And I stood up panting and sweating
But went back to sleep, little perturbed.

Yet another night came to irritate me
Once again I was lonely, and made a wish
May He grant me the buxom company?
But He lullabied me to sleeps’ dish.

Thereafter He made me visit his abode
And showed me heaven and the hell
Buxom ones in heaven were dark and ugly
But the ones in hell were sweet, anyone could tell.

Now I was given the choice to choose
Among the either one from the two sections:
The ones from heaven gave me shudders
Though will positively mend my actions.

The ones from hell had my tongue rolling
And I toyed with the idea of having them over
Till I was told that if I thought of doing so
I’d have to give them company, henceforth, forever.

I asked for grand forgiveness from the Lord
For troubling him with my weird wishes
And recalled my mothers’ unique spice
Which turns bitter eatables into sweet dishes.

Let me share that magical spice with you-
For you won’t have this under thousand suns-
‘Whenever you don’t find solace in things,
Go for them keeping in mind your loved ones’.

I had this voluntary bidding secured up my sleeve
And use it if I feel at anytime, troublesome;
To have a nicer run with life, henceforth
And thus add all scratches for a perfect sum.

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