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Thursday, July 21, 2011


I exist. And i don’t want to know, why?
But i do know that this existence is ‘real’
Whatever we are promised, rough or kind...
That could be real after it materializes.
My senses tell me to enjoy life till then
With this closely embedded in my mind...

Thence many of worries just evaporated
And i began to embark on a detour of world.
Its happiness in reality, and its worries solid wax...
What, if i fail to get glued to one of them
Both put me off, for i fear to remain stuck.
In this state of my mind, which is ever in flux...

But then nothing has ever been definite
In my life’s experience, thus far in the world.
To move around here, without being a bore...
And experience things that i missed thus far.
That is the goal of life, at his moment of time
But still I don’t know, what tomorrow has in store!!!

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